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Single Humbucker Single Volume...


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OK OK i appologise in advance if this has been covered before but i couldnt find anything using search... :D

Got a Single humbucker with single volume here... now plenty of sites offer wiring diagrams for 4 wire humbuckers but this has 2...

I was going to do coil split but with it being a lot of hassle to make a 2 wire pickup coil splittable.. i went away from that idea :D

So can anyone do me a huge favour and russle up a nice, easy to understand wiring diagram for this? I again appologise if its been covered before...

Plus just for interest.. is there anything i can really do to this 2 wire pickup to give me some more options besides adding another pickup or yank it out and stick a 4 wire one in?

Cheers guys!

~~ Slain Angel ~~

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Is this a joke? :D


Just imagine the red and silver arnt there and the green is whatever color your ground is and the black is whatever color your hot is...

And no you can't do anything with a two wire humbucker (that I'm aware of at least). You either have to convert it to a four or put a four in there.

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