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Murdoch's Table Top Gloss Polymerized Tung Oil ?

Gin City

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I haven't used that brand but as far as I know all tung oils are wiped on with a rag. It's really just about as easy as it could be and makes for a great feel on the neck. Just wipe it on thin and let it dry, repeat until you're happy with the finish.

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TruOil's another polymerised oil finish, FYI. Brushing works, as does applying by rag. I'd go with the rag approach. Simple, fun, good results. Wipe on, let dry, wipe off excess, occasionally level sand with fine grit paper (possibly even wet, with some oil, not water, which will help fill pores), you can finish off with some wax if you want semi gloss, or buff more seriously for a gloss look.

Whatever you do, test the entire finishing process on scrap. See what works for you. Even with a precise recipe, try it out on scrap.

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well i have brushed tung oil, its not bad, BUT, it goes on wafer thin, and it runs like just after a curry :D , and about 10 hours between coats, the finish on necks is great, shinny like laquer, but fast like a matt finish

another thing the stuff in the can turns to sh!t after about 3 months, so dont plan on using it the same can for more than 1 project, so buy the smallest can possible.

thats all from me



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Wipe on with a rag, wipe off after 15 minutes. Let dry as long as the can says to let it dry (probably overnight), and then go over the dry coat with 0000 steel wool. Next, hit it with a tack cloth, and repeat everything I just said. Do this between 8 to 12 times.

Be careful not to use too much oil, it will continue to bleed out for hours after you've wiped it off if you do, also, it will bleed out the most from your end grain.

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