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Air Brush Woes

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I have this air brush. air brush

I have had it for some time but never tried to us it until today. This is my first time using any air brush. I connected it to my compressor and it is getting fine air flow. I attached one of the bottles with some lacquer thinner in it. For a few passes against some cardboard, I was getting liquid flow, but it stopped after a minute. I took the bottle off and tested to see if I was getting any suction on the tube but didn't feel anything. I reconnected the bottle and turned the air on but the liquid in the bottle started to bubble as if the air flow was going into the bottle. I played around with the air brush for a while trying to see if something was gummed up but didn't find anything. I droppered some lacquer thinner directly into the feed tube and it come on out ok.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Make sure the hole in the top of the lid of the siphon feed jar is free and clear. If it isnt it can't get the material out. Kinda like pouring pop too fast it just "glugs".

Or just try using the cup and see if it makes a difference (if you have one with it)

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I blew out the siphon tube with compressed air and made sure the air hole in the cup wasn't blocked.  I also tried using the cup, but it just bubbled up like the air was being blown back into it.

I got nothin....LGM?

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This is an obvious question but......

You do have the metal cap off of the end right? you can see the needle and air exit hole from the front?

If so, you probably have a bad o ring or whatever kind of seal they are using, since it's an internal mix airbrush the clog is happening between the paint orifice and the tip inside. This is forcing the air back into the bottle. Chances are if you were able to spray laquer thinner through it once for a short time, it had a non compatible seal inside, either the o ring or a bushing that has now swollen up and closed off the passages.

Sorry to say but, in the world of airbrushes you really do get what you pay for and at $26.95 with 2 bottles, a cup and a hose, you sure don't get much in the way of the actual airbrush. On the low end for airbrushes you'll spend at least $60 for anything worth having.

Only advice I can give is take the whole thing apart and clean it, make sure no foreign objects got into it, and check the seals.

Other than that, look for a new airbrush, buy good, buy once, buy cheap, buy over and over and over......

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You do have the metal cap off of the end right?  you can see the needle and air exit hole from the front? 


Thanks for the reply Jeremy.

Hey, I paid $32. After all, it was made in an ISO 9001 factory in Taiwan. Its on sale for $26 now. B):D

It was an impulse filler item on a bigger order from Grizzly. Tought I'd get it to play around with as a learner. Wasn't sure I'd ever have an application for it. Turns out I do. I need to do a fine touch up on an opaque finish on a guitar body.

At least I've learned to take it apart, which I did several times and cleaned everything in sight. Poked myself with the needle a couple of times. I wondered about the o ring - I read that on your tutorial (thanks for that) before I even tried to use the thing. I checked that and the o ring isn't blocking anything. I used a dropper to put some thinner directly into the feed from the bottle, and it sprays out. I just can't seem to pull enough suction on the bottle or the cup to get fluid. So, I've put it up for a while to avoid having an air borne air brush if you know what I mean.

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