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Fretless Bass Neck

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hey im workign on refinishing a fretless bass (its nothing special, jsut something i like to do to pass the time) the person that had it before used round wound strings on it and it made very small wear marks on the neck, they are not deep at all jsut became visible. i was wondering if sanded the fretboard down with a radius sander and then installed the new nut a bit shorter to make up for the amount i sanded down would this work? i usually only redo the paint jobs on guitars and stuff and decided to try something new. thanks for any help

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That sounds like a reasonable plan. Just remember to sand it fine enough and oil it when done.

Another method commonly used to restore fretless boards is to coat the whole board in a thick layer of epoxy, then sand thatback down to level. This way, you might not have to re-cut the nut.

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