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Need Help With Making My Own Pedal Board

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Pedal boards are way to expensive for what they are and somebody said it would be cheaper just to make one so I decided to make my own and I have know idea how I should start or set this project up or what materials I should use

Im making a pedal board to put these on it

1 Wah pedal

2 Dist pedals

1 Modeling processor/Equililzer

1 Reverb pedal/Delay pedal

Im not sure what to do like make a 2 deck or single slanted or what size the average pedal boards are so if anybody has done this sort of thing and can set me on the right track I would apreciate it

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Here's a thread on this from earlier here.....

Pedal Board

It got sidetracked but does show a nice pic of a board for you. I have seen them made out of everything from scrap metal to plywood. It's only limited by your imagination. Get the size "platform" you need, set it at the angle you like and fix the pedals to it. That I guess is the simplest way to start.

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Word of advice from the newbie here. There was a person selling on eBay bike chain links to hold down effects pedals on boards. They actually do work, but it's cheaper to buy a bike chain at the local shop and grind out the brads. If that helps. They use the same screws holding the base of your pedals on and then mount to the board!

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