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What To Do With This?

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So I bought a used Washburn A20 a long time ago and it was painted with horrible green paint. I stripped it and found it was murdered! The owner before me DRILLED a route for a kahler and after finding out it still wouldn't work bondos up the hole along with the neck pickup and 2 of the pot holes. And this is what I've go so far. Any suggestions or help?

Pic 1Pic 2

Quite the top to cover over, but with all that missing around the bridge....ehh! Floyd rose route big enough to cover over? Kahlers aren't my style either. I'd mostly want it to stay a hardtail.

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A floyd might cover it. I would get one, if you have one available and place it over it to see if it will cover the whole area.

A hardtail will be a lot easier, but you will have to kiss that top good bye in favor of a solid color! Just follow the tutorial on the main site to convert from a trem to hardtail.


If it was a bolt on, I would suggest a new cap, but it looks as a neck thru.

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