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sanding sealer and/or primer


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I am about to start my first project. I am planning on using an oil based grain filler for the first step. I am using automotive lacquer by plastikote and a primer of the same brand. Will the primer made for car paint properly seal the wood? Or do I need to use a sanding sealer before the primer?

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Ok first off, are you gonna paint a solid color, transparent, or natural.. I'm thinking your gonna paint it solid by the way your talking, so with that in mind, you can use the sandable primer from Plasti-Kote for the primer.. just remember to sand it down good and level after a couple of coats... because if you don't it will cause all kinds of trouble in the final stages. Yes, it will seal the wood.. the only difference is it will be gray, white etc.. not clear.. .. and if you was sealing it would be for a clear finish, in which you'd want to see the grains of the wood (stained or transparent finishes). But since your gonna paint over it with a solid color this product will do great. Here is that link:


Next spray the color coat.. acrylic lacquer,.. etc. Just stick with same brand.. if you use acrylic lacquer make sure you use acrylic lacquer for the clear coat also...

And finally, the clear coat.. but before going this far.. please read the great article at the top of the forum from LGM that walks you step by step through sanding and polishing and painting.. Good Luck

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