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Bubble Trouble

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So i got 2 small knicks in my finish right before i got ACL surgery. I drop filled the knicks with a Q-tip, and it turned out fine. Today I just started getting up and moving around (its been a week since the surgery), so i decided to finish drop filling so it was level or raised above the plane of the rest of the finish so i could sand it down when it came time to buff it. But as soon as i did this, the nitro i put on started getting cloudy. It looks like the new nitro didnt bond with the original coat of nitro that has been drying for a week+. Is there anything I can do to fix this other than just level sanding and buffing and hoping its not as noticable after this? Thanks

- Louis

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its dried 2 days now and it still looks bad... but i think the stuff at stew mac is discontinued

**EDIT** - nope sorry, the blush eraser is in stock, I was looking at the "Laquer Melt." That is discontinued... my mistake :D

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