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Filling Fret Slots

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I have a ukalele to fix for a friend...he had it fretted years ago to his taste (only 5 frets) for some reason, the middle 3 are all very slightly crooked (not square with the nut)

I am going to replace the frets and cut new slots but I was wondering what the best thing to fill the existing slots with is...

Any help would be very appreciated



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Well I'm no expert, but if it were me, I'd try to find a very similar piece of scrap wood and get some super thin strips cut (my father cuts them so thin on his table saw you can practically see through them), glue them in and sand them flush. Another option would be to fill it with epoxy, let it dry then cut out the new fret slots. Besides, if it's only very slightly croked, the new fret will cover most of the old hole anyways, the only part you'd REALLY have to worry about are the sides of the fret board.

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Here is a quick and easy, fool proof way. However, it depends on how far off the frets are and what wood the fb of the uke is made of. The darker the wood, the better the results and the new frets should cover most of the area, within reason :D .

Anyway, pull all the frets and sand the top of the board, collect the resulting dust. Drop superglue into the slots and pack the dust in, alternate layers until you are just above surface level. The glue dries fast so you can sand w/in 5 minutes usually. Sand flush, reslot and refret.

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Great thanks alot Ill give it a go..

does anyone know a website where I can get the correct measurements for the new frets? because the ones in there are crooked, I'll want to re measure..

Thanks ,


here you go...


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