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Finishing Using Ktm 9 With Brushes

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Work out a specific route to paint cause with clear its somtimes realy hard to see where you have already painted. So i'd paint somthing like all the side from the neck pocket clockwise. Then paint the back from one corner to the oposite, then do the front. Make sure the edges get a good coat.

Practice as many times as you need on some similar wood first. Get to a point where you know how many coats will give you the thickness you want, do a test piece that has corners so you can get an idea of how easy it is to sand through on corners. Getting your method worked out first will save you so much trouble. My first guitar i sanded down twice after messing the paintwork up. Then i did some tests pieces lol.

Putting too many coats of waterbase on too quickly will give you a soft finish, i think i have heard that 3 coats per day is a good idea. Manufacturers often say you can apply the coats faster but that will result in a softer finsih.

Another thing that might be worth doing is using a rock hard grain filler like epoxy or superglue, that will give you a much harder surface underneath which will help the toughness of the finish.

Buy some normal brushes and a sponge brush, try out and see which works best for you, not every method works for every person. make sure you have good lighting so you can see what your doing.

One thing i have found with somthing called rustins plastic coating is that after brushing all the coats on you can rub 3 or 4 coats on with a lint free cotton pad. It smooths the finish out alot more, seems to push it in any pits / brush marks. No idea if it would work with waterbase stuff tho'.


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