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How To Install Strin Ferrules

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Okay guys,

I have a question about installing string ferrules. I bought a set from Stew Mac that have the flanged top. Does the flange sit flush with the body or does it sit on top? I have never done this and have already chipped my finish installing one of them.

I was also going to try out the Stew Mac instructions. An thoughts?

The finished non-tremolo bodies are drilled to accept 1950s-design string ferrules to be installed in your shop. To properly install the ferrules you will need the following tools.

• Hammer (small “dead-blow” hammer preferred)

• #1 Phillips screwdriver

• Soldering iron (25-45 watt) with pencil or chisel tip. Soldering guns are not recommended!

• Needle-nose pliers

To install a ferrule, hold it with needle-nose pliers and make sure the chamfered edge aligns with the hole in the guitar body. Next, insert the soldering iron's tip into the opening of the ferrule. Be sure to preheat your soldering iron (5-10 minutes) for even, quick heating of the ferrules.

Now, press down with the soldering iron. Loosen your grip on the pliers slightly; you're not trying to press the ferrule in with the soldering iron, just transferring some heat to soften the finish to let the ferrule press into the wood. After 3-5 seconds, remove the soldering iron while holding onto the ferrule with the needle-nose pliers. This lets the soldering iron pull off the ferrule. Don't let the ferrule fall onto the finish; it will melt into it!

Next, insert the tip of a #1 Phillips screwdriver into the ferrule and tap the handle with a hammer. The screwdriver will help you guide the ferrule into the hole, so it doesn't tip or lean, and will help keep the hammer from contacting the finish. The ferrule should stop just under the top ledge of the drilled hole. Install the five other ferrules using the same method.

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