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Well I started painting my guitar, I used nitro sanding sealer, and then the next day, i started painting it with utomotive acrylic paint, and soon after, there were bubbles everywhere, i waited until the paint dried and wet sanded all the bubbles, could i shoot another coat tomorrow without having bubbles? Problem is I need to finish this guitar before sunday... Thanks

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Should stick with the same base material in your finishes throughout the process. Nitro sanding sealer and then acrylic what? enamel? lacquer? . Read up on pros and cons of all these different finishes by LGM, should be pinned in Inlay and Finishing Tutorial section of this forum.

It depends on incompatibility between materials. Lacquer can be very volatile and literally melts and fuses with the underlying layer(s). Sometimes its not a good thing. :D

On a personal note I've had bubbling on one guitar as well. But that was due to the conditions I was spraying in as I was just adding nitro lacquer clearcoat to previous coats. Too much heat and laying it down too thick. The surface layer dried before the stuff underneath could "gas off". The result was bubbles being trapped under that dried surface "skin".

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gosh, you need to have the guitar done by sunday? are you planning on buffing or anything?

I was under the impression that nitro took at least a month untill it was really dry and cured, mines still drying and i shot mine about a month ago

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