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  1. kind of a necrobump but, could you please send me that Suhr plan? Thanks!
  2. OK, i removed the fretboard about 2 hours ago. I inmediatly noticed it was the neck that twisted. The fretboard is curved in a backbow and seems uniform on both sides. I'll let it sit and check if it moves any further. Thanks everybody for your replies
  3. sounds like the way to go Scott. This is the first time this happens to me. I really don't know what it is. I have been building guitars since 2002, and i don't know if seasons has anything to do with this. Up until 2013 i lived in Venezuela, neverending summer, and where i lived, not really humid. Here in southern Spain, doesn't rain much for most of the year, and it's mostly warm, but there are seasons...
  4. i use heat and an exacto knife, which is kinda the same as using a flat palette knife. but for some reason, they always curve upwards...
  5. well, hard to tell, in my experience. Everytime i've removed a fretboard, it ends up curved upwards. Like in an upbow. How long would you let it sit before taking a decision?
  6. I took pictures, but it's hard to see in those pictures. It's not an extreme warp, but it is there, and makes the guitar unplayable, at least to me.
  7. So i am building this neck thru guitar, all sapele, 3 piece sapele neck, quartersawn. Quartersawn ebony fretboard, with sharkfin inlays and ivoroid binding. I have been building this guitar the last 2 years. Second fretboard i use. First one was removed because the inlays sucked. The guitar has always been inside my house and has been primed with polyurethane since march 2014. I want to save the fretboard because the inlay set was damn expensive, but i have read that in many cases, warped necks are caused by fretboards. What is your opinion? save or not to save?
  8. Funny to see i only got one vote. And that was because i voted for myself. XD
  9. I know! it is very heavy! hehehe did you make it's neck from sapele as well?
  10. so i am going to necro bump this and ask, since we all know that sapele is a suitable and very nice, albeit heavy wood for guitar building, i have heard it's tone is a bit darker than mahogany. I have some and would like to build a 7 string 27" sapele guitar, with a tune o matic bridge and string thru body. Katalox fretboard. Pickups might be some hand wound alnico 8 pickups... Any opinions?
  11. Maybe i should ask the mod to edit my post and enter a couple of these pictures plus links to other, right?
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