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Fret Rods And Rails

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Hi all

First would like to thank the creators and moderators of this site.

Now on to the Questions.

Does any one know of suppliers of fret rails and how to instructions.

I have the fret rod concept pretty much worked out but sure could use more info on both of these subjects

here's some links to the stuff I already have.

Thank you for any thing you can share






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I wouldn't refute his claims without trying them first. I like radiused boards, but classical guitars do have a flat radius and Todd isn't the first luthier to try these rods. I also believe that less mass in a neck is better (i.e. I like light tuners and a single action truss rod), but we're all entitled to our opinions, right? :D

I've ordered Sperzel's from TK before, and he seems like a real good guy.

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