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Remove Old Dried Glue

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I bought an unfinished Washburn set neck...nice price, and I know why --the neck had issues.

It looks like they cut the heel/tenon too thin (thickness, not width). What they did was slap a slab of mahogany on the heel. It's the same mahogany as the neck--looks like it was scrap because it has the same two-piece construction, same center line.

But they weren't too neat about it--the slab was too long and part of it was glued into the shaped area of the neck.

So I'm cleaning that up right now--here's where I am so far:


So far I cut most of the block off with a saw, then a rasp to get pretty close to the glue layer/neck wood. Then I used an exacto knife and to shave it down closer to the neck wood.

The whitish/yellowish stuff is the glue --there's still a thin layer of wood on top of most of it.

I'm wondering how to proceed from here --is there a solvent I can use the loosen up the glue? (It looks like yellow wood glue)

I'm a little reluctant to use sand paper because I don't want to accidentally reshape the neck. But I suppose I can fashion a small sanding tool if it comes to that.

As for the rest...I'll discuss the next steps in the thread I started in the progress section.

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Yellow wood glue is water soluble so that may help.  But if the glue joint was not a tight fit from the getgo then you can sand, scrape, wipe...or whatever, until the cows come home and still see the glue.  If that is the case the only way to cover it is a solid finish.

Yeah, this part of it was the slop that seeped out from the joint --most of the added wood wasn't touching the neck here.

I don't mind a solid finish though...good thing, eh?

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My first completed build is a Saga SG (you gotta start somewhere) and there was some yellow glue on the neck scarf joint that was from heck. I could not get rid of the darn stuff. That neck is now solid black and I think it was always supposed to be. I scraped, sanded and fine-filed and the stuff was still there. Can't complain much except for the wasted time. The black neck drove me to a pseudo-binding look that I used on the body and it came out much better than I had any right to expect. That stuff might be yellow epoxy filler, the way it acted. Water over the dam. Always rock! :D

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