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Rewiring An Electrical Motor 110/220


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I got a dust collector unit off fleabay and need some help rewiring it.

Its a dayton dust collection unit that sits atop a 55 gal drum.

The wiring has these options:

Low Voltage


Line P1

Tape these P2 T8 T3

Line T2 T5 T4

high Voltage


Line P1

Tape P2

Tape T8 T3 T2

Line T5 T4

My main question is which one is the 220 line? The High Voltage? I am confused, the voltage in the wires stays the same with 110 I have 1 110 line and with 220 I have 2 110 Lines. My father and I didn't know which way to go?

I am assuming that high voltage is the 220 line? What are your guys thoughts? Worse comes to worse I will call grainger which stocks the motor. Figure one of you would know.



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That info don't make sense!!!

Electric motors that are 110-220 capable have the following set of wires inside on the motor.


T5 and T8 are the starting winding (coil)

For 220 you need to tape T2,T3 and either T5 or T8 depending on the direction that you want the motor to start, and then L1-T1 and L2-T4 all coils run 110, so you have the coils in series to make 220, or have them in parallel to make 110.

After re-reading the post, I think that they have P1 connected directly to T1, but I can't make sense of were P2 goes to. I usualy re wire from the inside, and maybe they got it set up were you can change the voltage on the out side... If so, then low is 110 and high is 220.

For 110 you will put together T1-T3 (T5orT8)and T2-T4(T5orT8) switching 5 and 8 for direction.

Check the inside to were P2 goes to, or call Grainger for more info,

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