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im finishing my guitar and i bought cans of 5oz of auto motive paint and it cost 50$ already..... 7 dollats each.....on the second coat the the surface was ruff becuase of the anding stride being too dry so i waited for it to dry and i sanded wet with 600 grit but it made the colour lighter....maybe due to over sanding or sanding throught but not all the way...ive decided to sand the rest and do one more coat once and for all...htis time incase i fo get rough surface is there any ideas on how i could get the ruff surface out without damaging the colour?

and is there a less costly method then to what im doing?....very beginners questions here but hopefull i can get some help thrown at me.....

and if theres a terrific site that gives step by step finsihing i would like to have it...thanks.....

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Hit Reranch.com, and there are several finishing tutorials on the main site (projectguitar.com), but mostly, head over to the 'Tutorials and Reference' section of this very web board, scroll down to the finishing tutorials section, and read the various pinned tutorials right up top the page. The tutorials, not the chat section (which is where you posted this message).

Don't sand color coats if you can help it. Color coat until the color's right, then spray a few clear coats, level those. It will look very dull, flat, and (if you do sand a color coat level) it will 'change color', getting a bit lighter as it dulls/flattens out. That's normal. That's what's supposed to happen. Then build up a number of clear coats over the top, level sand every 3 or so, and again right before the last coat, and polish out the clear. A level sanded surface should be uniformly dull and un-glossy.

Also, you should really, really test any finishing schedule on scrap before you touch your guitar. Get to know the matierals and methods before committing to procedure.

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What kind of paint are you using? Solid color, translucent???

If you made the paint lighter when sanding I think that you are using translucent! If so, you can't sand this type of paint to remove the roughness (orange peel). Since you will end up with an uneven color on some areas.

There are plenty of tutorials here on the site


and all are pinned on the above link... All you got to do is a little more reading!

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