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most comfortable body shape?

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Im gonna be making my third guitar soon, a fretless bass (either 4 or 5 string dunno yet) , so i wanna know what do you think are the most comfortable body shapes?

The reason i ask is that i do a lot of my playing sitting down at home , and the bass i have already made is a little uncomfortable on the old leg (its based on the shape of a fender Zone bass)even tho it looks great!

the Jazz bass looks nice and curvy , is it comfy?

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well, it's a personal thing, but I like deep contors, small body and thin "waist"(is that right?) but what ever you like, I guess... :D

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Believe it or not, I found an Explorer bass pretty comfortable for playing sitting down - but I suppose it depends on how you use your right or picking hand. It's great for just flopping your hand over for finger style - not so hot for using a pick.

However, as my explorer is in long term sick bay til I can refinish it, I bought a relatively cheap yamaha RGX370 which sits very nicely for either style, and on either leg. Sounds good too - useful active eqs. Not keen on the long upper horn, but the bottom edge is very comfy and I suppose the top bit lends a nice balance.


But at the end of the day, I love the shape of the Alembic Omegas. very comfortable, and if you're doing a custom job anyway, I can't think of a better candidate for some really hoopy woods!

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