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    What do you think? Oh, yeah if any one wants my msn address its: stealthisename@postmaster.co.uk. (It wouldn't let me put it all in the box)
  1. Hey all, it has been a while since I last logged on to here! Any who, I'm just trying to off load some gear. Here is some stuff up for sale and trade, make offers as appropriate. Electro harmonix Hot-Tubes tube distortion pedal. Good condition,with box and PSU. Boss SD-1, Good condition. Tone Gecko Modded SD-1, Good condition, Boxed. Pearl AD-08 analogue delay, 80's, so is slightly chipped. Zoom Hyperlead HL-01 distortion pedal, Bit tatty. Zoom Powerdriver PD-01 Overdrive, Good condition, Boxed. All pedals (exept Hot-tubes) Have velcro on the bottom, which can be e
  2. he used fender silver faced twins! on a slighty related note, apparantly Steve Jones, of sex pistols fame, "got" his silver faced from Bob Marley, but his had guass speakers in.... Silver face refers to the era of late 60's/70's. When fender got taken over by CBS, they made cost cuts, hence why sliver faced twins are less desirable than the black faced ones, but there are mods to bring a silver face to black face specs. Personally I think they all sound grand!
  3. I think there is alot of lurkers, I visit the site every single day, yet I rarely post, PG is deffenatly a wealth of infomation and is very valuable to me.
  4. whoa...a year already! time flies, RIP dime n' dr. winston
  5. JJ's are some really decent quality tubes, if they are shot though, the deffo should be replaced
  6. Yeah thats a well good deal! The jap guitars rock! If there are any issues with the guitar, take it to a local tech and have him check it over, may cost you a little bit, but would be well worth it. Congrats, enjoy your purchase!
  7. I prety much agree with what mark sound says. As a lurker I like to think of my self as a fly on the wall, watching in on activities here, much like a soap opera, watching the drama and finding out the real characters here and about. I know that doesn't have much to do with what mark sound says and I quite possibly am contradicting my self, but its all about the drama, vouyerism is where it's at.
  8. meat ball, on italian herbs and cheese, with extra cheese inside, plenty of lettuce, green peppers, cucumber, gerkins topped off with sweet onion sauce, then 3 double choc chip cookies and a large 7up .....the perfect subway to go!
  9. I have periced my nipple my self, once on the left (first and most sucessful) and 2 times on the right, both times I ended up taking them out on the right because they were wonky. Yes they do hurt! But its all about rising above it and perservearing, safety pins rock!
  10. I think the company radial makes something called the head bone, it allows you to switch between heads and cabs with out risk to damage to your equpiment http://www.tonebone.com/tbone-headbone-vt.htm Hmmmm after looking at that though, I don't think that will quite work, maybe they do make a product along the lines of what you want though It seems to me that you would have a foot switch that diverted the signal from the speaker cab into a load of the same resistance, I think it could be done quite easyly with a hot plate or the like, but how you could divert the signal is a different
  11. Nah, I don't think that is weird, I have been considering doing it myself. I use the dunlop 1.0mm black picks with the grip at the end, they cost me £1 for 3 and I get through the 3 every week! I'm trying to find out how much it would cost me to buy them in bulk, how much did you pay for you 255 and whats the specs on your picks? cheers
  12. thats very nice, love the sycamore, not unlike maple so I hear?
  13. Ahhh must be completly different ones then my bad! yours isn't a muilti though wes?
  14. I use a zoom driver that wes is on about, I think its called hyperlead distortion or something, it is a great pedal, I don't know about the multi fx's, but this truely rocks
  15. Pop tarts here, but the best flavours are the berry one and apple!
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