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Wiring Confusion?


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Hey guys,

I bought a pickguard assembly pre-wired. I bought a gfs single coil for the bridge position. When replacing the pickup, I just soldered it back exactly where the other wires were. I downloaded a wiring diagram for a strat, and I noticed the 5way switch is not wired the way the diagram says! Anyhow, I assembled the guitar and it has no output what soever. I have not yet disassembled it to see if the input jack solder may have come loose. Would there be no output at all if the new single coil was wired incorrectly? Should I resolder the whole thing according to the diagram? Also, is the same wire that goes from the bridge single coil to the volume pot the same wire that goes to the 5way toggle, or is it two different connections??

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I can't sloder anything until I have heard it make noise. I have a $4.00 set of 12 Radio Shack alligator test leads that I use to do a component by component test starting at the output jack(with it plugged into an amp) and work my way backwards just soldering when I I know I still have a signal coming through. It works a lot better for me because I do not get along with ohmeters. Jumper test leads ROCK! :D

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