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Floyd Frickin' Rose problems

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so, I am actually working on two guitars ar once, sort of. My tele that I am refinishing is the first, and then there is my very first electric guitar, recently found and happily held.... However, here lies the problem.... OK, so first off, I have major work to do on the actual guitar. My frets are hosed, my fretboard has all the gunk that a then 17 year old metalhead could get on it, my pickup poles are rusted, I am missing many and assorted screws and nuts and I am probably going to be stripping this one down to at some point to erase the mistakes of funny stickers past. However, by far, far and away my biggest problem is the *&^#*&$# floyd rose. I stick religiously with fixed bridges, now and its all because of that !@**@@))#(@ trem. I have abandoned any plans to rip it out and stick a better (or at least different) bridge in mostly because that would seem to necessitate also having to replace the nut, more woodwork that I am comfortable with or have the tools for, and my sanity. Is there any reasonable way to simply lock this bastard down, never to move again? Along those lines, where is a good place to find replacement "nut-locks" and those freaking allen bolts on the bridge (and, for that matter all that little stuff anyway) If its impossible, then I will probably be stripping her down and selling the parts off, but if its at ALL possible, I really, really would like to make this a functional guitar again ot of pure sentiment... anyhoo, any and all tips would be appreciated.....

Timbo :D

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well you could block the tremolo, so there would be no sharp movement. then put like all 5 springs in and tighten them as far as you can and it would pretty much be a fixed bridge. then look to Allparts for an ebonal nut, it replaces the floyd Rose style lock nut.

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