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Tom Inserts And Finishing?


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This may seem like a weird question, but here goes...

I'm getting ready to place the inserts for the bridge on my project...then I'll be ready to do the finish.

So when do you insert the inserts?

I mean, commonsense tells me to drill the holes, do the finish and only push the inserts in AFTER the guitar has been polished.

But maybe that's wrong?

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Is it worth the effort of finishing it if it's going to snap? I really don't think it's going to snap. I say, go take a swig of the poison of your liking(has to be some kind of hard liquer, none of your candy @$$ french wine), and string it up.

Oh I'm more into a nice old single malt Islay...or cheap beer and bourbon. :D

But yeah, I know I should...and I probably will...but still....guess a few shots will help...got some sanding to do in the meantime... :D

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Listen idch, if the neck joint snaps, you could always get your kid to piss on it like you did with your metal tele pickguard.  :D

Well, ain't you a riot this evening.... :D

But it's the not the neck joint I'm worried about (I ended up sinking the neck deeper into the body, that should solve any instability issues). It's all the rest of it...like maybe I overlooked something, or maybe there's an inherent flaw in the neck itself, maybe the guitar will just sound dead...put a lot of time into this, I'll really hate it if the guitar blows. Always that risk, I suppose.

The metaphysics of guitar-building.

Meanwhile, the boys and I have been "preparing" another piece of metal....you're going to understand this part better when you're a little older and you've got two small kids in an oppositional phase who refuse to pee before a road trip so they can force you to pull onto the side of the road 20 minutes later, or worse, piss in their pants when you've forgotten to bring a change of clothes....ah yeah, it's a rock n' roll life these days here in France...

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I always assemble, string it up and play it for a little while before getting into the finishing aspect. If I don't and find out I have to do some corrective surgery with sharp tools etc. I don't want to risk damaging my newly finished guitar. making sure its gonna play right is number one on the list.

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