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A 15-30w Tube Amp Project?


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Hey guys...

I'm just thinking of fun new things to try with my fender amp can....

I saw a while back somebody making small tube amps at the 15w range. I think the Amp can is rated at 30w but running at 15....

Would there be any way to resonably make a decent amp off of the current powering system the amp can uses?

so that you could have a reasonably cool tube amp for the road?

Or Just wishful thinking? :D I was just thinking it would be fun to try...

I traded one of my good old practice amps to get this lil fender.. I'm not impressed with it at all, but I figured it'd be good for missions trype work. (no power available at convienent times) The thing is.... I think its sound is kinda blah... (just my own onpinion. Some people like it)

God Bless,


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