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Jem style bodies


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Just been playing e-mail tag with a friend that want's to do the body modifications to an RG and turn it into a Jem.

What he thought he had purchased was an RG 570 which I have always thought is a primo body for the mod's, but what he ended up with was an RG 470 which of course doesn't have the output jack cavity the 570 does. At first I thought bummer, but then I took a break and looked at the body's out in the shop.

You know a 470 body could be finished more closely to an original Jem than a 570 :D

Reason I'm saying that is because to many times you have to either mount the output jack to deep or even epoxy it in. In a few case's I've drilled the entire hole down to the cavity 3/4" in dia. and inserted a plug with a hole to handle the jack so it didn't have to be permantly mounted, but that requires a special socket in order to get it tight.

If you started out with a 470 instead and just routed out a new jack cavity close to the edge of the body, like on original Jem's then you would have a body thats even closer to the original than using the higher priced 570 body's :D

Just takes a little extra routing that's all B)

Kinda makes the 470 market go up in vaule huh :D

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