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Need Wiring Help!


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I need to find a wiring diagram I can read. Im dumb about wiring .

I have 2 Duncan humbuckers one is a 4 wire and the other is a single wire.I want to coil tap the 4 wire pickup with a push pull tone switch.and run the single wire pickup as a standerd humbucker.

2- volumes

2- tones ( 1 is push pull switch )

1- Duncan 59

1- Duncan distortion

1- 3 way lp style switch

I can't seem to find a (simple) diagram that covers this configuration. Can anyone help point me to a simple wiring diagram.



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I'm guessing that you're using a pickup selector switch though it was not mentioned?


this is from:


Sorry I forgot to mention the 3 way switch. Does it matter which side of the 6 lugs I solder the white and red wires to on the push pull switch ?

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I hooked this all up and now I have very little volume on the neck pickup in both the neck position and middle position of the switch. Could the pickups be out of phase?


Out of phase would explain the middle position, but not the neck. Double check all of your wiring, and if you have an ohm meter (multimeter) check the resistance of your neck pickup and make sure it's ok.

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I checked all my wiring 10 times,tested the resistance of the pickup,everything checked out. It really had me pulling my hair out. Turns out it was a bad volume pot. I guess I should have tested them all first but they were all brand new. I'll know better next time. Thanks alot for all the help.


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