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Is It Ok For 5 Way Switches To Touch


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I'm building a guitar that has 2 5 way superswitches and just realized that I have slightly less real estate than I expected- I've found a way to get the switches in but they will end up touching 'axels' back to back-

I'm hoping it's not a problem but if I try to separte them with tape I expect the tape will shift over time-

But the axels are on the ground side of the circuit aren't they? If so I end up with an additional ground loop but am I correct in thinking that it's likely not to be a problem?

Thanls for you input!

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Couldn't think of a better word than axel, but the shaft that the handle rotates protrudes a bit from the back of the switch- If I put them back to back they fit, but the shafts touch-

If I really need to isolate them I'm going ot have to think of something other than good old electical tape- These shafts rotate and I cna't think of a good place to get good purchase- Maybe I can fabricate a thin plasctic shield that is bracketed to the face or soemthing like that-

Thanks much for the inut!

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If I am understanding what you are talking about, then it is just fine for the "axels" (pivots?) to touch. They are both grounded, so it's no different than 2 grounded parts of the same switch touching each other. As long as they don't interfere with each other mechanically, and as long as no contacts are touching each other or ground, it should be fine.

Make certain that both switch frames are properly grounded.

There is part of me that wants to know what you are doing with two 5 way super switches, and another part of me that feels it's best that I don't know. ;-)

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They should be married first. :D

I have a Schaller here and the axle doesn't move. It's stationary. If that's the case, then it's fine. If that axle rotates with the switch, then you're looking for scratchiness later on. So I'd lubricate it (again, after a proper marriage ceremony) so they don't scrape against eachother, or worse, you turn the one and the other moves with it.

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