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Effects Loop Vs Dirct Signal


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i have just finished e-baying my butt off and have aquired a set of celestion g12m-70's and an alesis quadraverb plus. i own a digitech rp-3 which has been agood unit. i really like the overdrive when put in front of my marshall 8100 and harmony 535 (which i have repaired! thanx lovekraft! for the info) but i see a lot of folks using the effects loops on thier rigs. when i use the loop on my rig. it gives me a sound like being in a barrel. am i the only one this happens too or is there something that can be done to bring the sound out of the barrel if you will? at any rate i cant wait to get the g12's in so i can tweak with them and did i say quadraverb?! god i love those units had on back in the 80's. it was great!


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In general, one would run tone-shaping guitar F/X (generally stompboxes - distortion/overdrive/fuzz/boost, wah, phase/flange/chorus, envelope triggered devices, etc.) in front of the amp, and run more production-oriented devices (usually rack gear, working at line level - delays, exciters, gates, EQs, phase compensation devices, etc) in the F/X loop. There aren't really any hard-and-fast rules, though, and provided you match the levels so you don't either clip the signal or raise the noise floor unreasonably, anything is permissible. Not a lot of help, right? :D

OK, try this - if it's going to work well on the raw guitar signal, then put it up front, and if it's designed to work on the sound of the whole amp, put it in the loop. Time-based F/X are probably the hardest to make rules for, since echo, reverb and chorus can all be used very effectively both pre and post distortion, so you'll have to figure out what works for you. In your case, I'd use the RP3 up front, and the Quadraverb in the loop, but that's just me - try it all, and decide what sounds best for you.

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yeah that was what i was thinking too. rp-3 infront and quad in loop.

im also trading my old speakers for a epi gold top lp with the p-90 p/u.

i have played the guitar many times and it sounds good and plays very well but the wood around the volume and tone control knobs has been caved in. how would i go about fixing that?

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