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Classical With Narrow Nut

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I have a friend who has small hands and has a hard time

playing classical guitars. I was wondering if anybody new of a classical guitar with a nut width of 1 9/16 (40mm)...I dont think that they would make them in full size, but I was thinking more 3/4 size...

Any info would be great

Thanks alot


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Hi, just revisiting this topic,

First thanks for the replys. I still havent managed to find one yet. Moneys not really an issue, Im willing to spend up to 3000US or so.

I just had a question though. I was thinking....what if I were to buy steel string accoustic such as a Cort Earth 900, Cort Earth 900, and possible replace the bridge and string it up with nylon strings...

Has anyone had any experience with this? Any idea how it would be different in sound to a standard classical?

Thanks alot,


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A steel string guitar is not ment to be setup with nylon strings. The steel strings put far more tension on the top than the nylons and if you put nylons on it it would be far to over built for it and not sound very good.

IF your willing too spend $3000 USD Just get a custom guitar made.

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