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Zero Frets

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I put a zero fret on one of the guitars I'm working on, I've only played one guitar with one, but I liked the sound of it, and it was nice to be able to bend at the first fret.

My only question is, how far do people generally put the nut behind the zero fret? I figure it's not really critical at all, but after seeing other guitars than the one I played, I was surprised at how much further back the nut was behind the zero fret compared to the the one I'm working on and the one I'd seen.

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I made one which has the zero fret 1/2" from the "spacer nut". It was a conversion. I had a 25.5" scale neck, the fret-board was trashed (too thin), so I removed it, made a new board with a 25" scale, where I made the zero fret position 1/2" from the 25.5" nut position, kept the original nut position for the new spacer position.

My "spacer nut" was actually a Floyd locking nut.

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