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Spent The Night Killing My Guitar.


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Ok, so I was trying to replace the pickups (first time ever doing this) on my guitar. The guy at the shop said it would be easy (Ha!) and so far I have done nothing but get solder all over my table and that's about it.

I'm trying to replace the AH pickups on an AX120 with SD SH-2N and SH-4 JB pickups but...


Ok, so theres a rogue black wire, I haven't messed with the bridge pickup yet, and the neck pickup (which I believe to be installed) isn't making noise when a string is threaded and plucked.

So... the guitar is in a coma right now.

I need to get it setup to work with the 3 way toggle

Any advice? Did I kill my guitar?

Also: http://www.ibanez.com/wiring/wire.asp?y=2000&w=AX120

If that helps.

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