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Making A 1 Piece Neck?

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I made one for my doubleneck strat....well, two actually, but I had to bandsaw off one of the fretboard surfaces after screwing up the fret slots. The 1-piece neck is the 6, made out of flame maple. It is the fussiest neck I've ever used, it required a lot of tweeking with the rod to get it right, and I've had to do it a couple of times since.

The 2-piece neck (back + fretboard) on the 12 is rock-solid, barely had to do anything with the rod. And all the wood for both necks came from the same plank, so I don't think it has anything do to with seasoning or drying-out.

I'll never make a 1-piece neck again. If I were you, I'd just inlay a skunk stripe into the blank and put a fretboard on top (maple on maple, or whatever).

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my thoughts are to take a 3/4 neck blank route out the back about 1/2 down 1/4 wide then add a back snunk stripe walnut or something. do the rear route all the way down to the heel. Then work from there? wanted to see if anyone else has done it. I have a real nice piece of maple to use and I will practice on some scrap first

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I've never seen this anywhere, so I don't know if anyone's done it. How about cutting off the fretboard area of a neck blank, do the truss rod rout, then glue the sawed off plank back on? You'd have the look of a one piece neck (sans skunk stripe), but (I think) better stability like a two piece.

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