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Bass Tuners

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Im building a double neck bass. 8 string and fretless. To keep the weight to a minimum im interested in bying the hipshot ultralight tuners. Have anyone tried them? Do they work fine? im litle bit "less mass, less tone" person myself.. but i can imagine the weight of two necks with schaller tuners on my shoulders :D

The body is made of cherry...quite big, but /surprisingly) very lightweight.

The fretless on top will have the fernandes sustainer system, but without the humbucker. Emg jazz on both instruments.

The people at fernandes told me it would work on a bass. Any comments on that anyone?

Im going to post pics of the process.


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You need to make a chair too because its a lot of weight :D .

The body on cherry its light , and the neck? maybe using a mahogany stripes with bubinga, maple or rosewood, your bass will be light, i made mine with stripes in mahogany and tzalam and its very light.

Do you have pics?


Suerte amigo.

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I have used Shaller ultra lites and they are quite nice. When you first pick them up you will think they are made of plastic (they are very light). I have never had bad luck with anything made by Hipshot. So I would imagine you will be happy with their ultra lites also. I gotta say that is going to be a lot of fretboard there mister. Good luck.


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