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  1. Hi Guys, can you help me please?I need to wire a G&L 2500.It has 1 Vol 1 Bass 1 Treble and 3 switches.Attached is wiring diagram.https://www.bassesbyleo.com/paul/g&l_bbe_wiring_diagrams/basses/l2000_wiring_diagram_omg.jpgI bought Aguilar OBP3 TK preamp with 3 pots and 1 switch. And two Aguilar humbuckers.v-tbstack--msw.pdfI don’t have stack pots, and I want to wire exactly as the original version. I found that wiring diagram for OBP3 3 knobs and 1 switchShould I use the original 250k pots or the 50k included in OBP3Can you help?Thank you!
  2. Guys thank so much for your time and your comments, i have a better video about the tires, thanks a lot for the video wow! I enyojed it so much.
  3. Hi Guys, I bought a bandsaw, Craftsman 12" really old for $130 and I don't think that was a good idea. What do you think?
  4. ScottR is the most absolutely amazing person and guitar builder. I was trying to move on with my guitar and bass projects and messaged him, I'm in Houston, and he came to my place to help me. http://www.mediafire.com/view/zq7kkl9lfw2v21d/IMG_2917.JPG http://www.mediafire.com/view/dey62kz8ko936n8/IMG_2913.JPG ScottR thank you so much, I was busy but I'm back and ready to go ahead and complete my projects, but I have a bunch of questions.
  5. Fender Bassman Silverface 1968. 45 wats. serial.- A 45023 AB165 Caps Vinyl ready speaker eminence patriot glue And the box for the speaker. routing box Almost ready back And finally, sound videos, using a DS1 Keely mod, but some mods from me, Carvin TO1 germanium diodes, and Tokai chorus Video
  6. Is not necessary to glue an archtop bridge? or its better to use double stick?
  7. I let my project sleep a long time, but im back and working as fast as i can. spoke shove body i hope finish my guitar in one week, im preparing a very special paint.
  8. I dont like Zero Fret, it feels like if you were playing over the frets all the time, and the sound its a little bit metallic, in acoustics and electrics, somebody like it?
  9. Crap! I moved Regen and Bias and im crazy triying to fix it again i use a pencil and making a marks in the trimpot, i dont know what to do, any advice? I just screw up
  10. Thanks a lot Rich, i was blind now i can see . I found info about shaping bandsaw blades, care maintenance etc. Its amazing. BandsawDoctor
  11. Congratulations, they are beautiful, maybe the combination of colors of the red, are a little weird but its ok, if you are happy good for you. Kamikaze its a beautiful guitar, but it feels like isnt an strat jeje . The sound its terrific.
  12. Mm its a good cuestion, i have a LTd 7 strings with 2 humbuckers and makes an awful bzz, i replaced one pickup, i replaced the volume, i replaced the 3 way selector, i shielding and still make the horrible bzzzz, its crazy, i think its about the bridge, its not from metal, maybe its not grounded well because the bridge its like alloy or something different.
  13. And what about the bearing? when i adjust the blade again all the time its touching the blade and spinning, and in a professional bandsaw its only when you press the blade, it its for the small size of the bandsaw or its about the adjust? Thanks guys, i looked the blade and its a little warp.
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