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Wood For Prototype

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I am in the design process for building my first strat project. I want to mock it up first.

I have searched through the archives and was unable to find the answer. What is a good (cheap) prototype wood? I am thinking about laminating the top and back with 1/4" maple so i can test the finish too.

Any ideas are appreciated.


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If you're going to go through the trouble of laminating the front and back with maple, you might as well drop a couple of dimes on the body wood, just in case it turns out to be a keeper. I'd say use something along the lines of mahogany, limba, ash, or alder for the body. Limba and mahogany are particularly easy to tool, and all can be had for a reasonable price.



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I could maybe understand using cheap wood for a prototype of an original design, but for a strat you might as well go straight for your real wood choice.

If you're worried about screwing up, just practice on scrap first.

The probability of screwup is high! But thanks for the confidence in my skills. I just called my local lumberyard, and they have 5/4 mahogany at a reasonable price. So I think I am going to do 1/4 maple, with a mahogany core.

Ill put some pics up as I get going.

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The probability of screwup is high! But thanks for the confidence in my skills.

Heh heh....this wouldn't be as much fun if it were easy...

But like I said, just make sure you practice your moves on scrap before committing to the real thing. It doesn't take that long --you learn the skill then transfer it the guitar while it's still hot.

And spend most of your time making your templates just right.

One further thing about prototypes for beginners (I can now consider myself an 'advanced beginner' since I finally finished a guitar :D ) --with all the effort it takes to make these things, it's really difficult to keep your energy and enthusiasm up for a mere prototype, i.e., a guitar you don't really plan to play.

When you're working on the real thing, it gets easy to find the enthusiasm. :D

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