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Today I just met with one of the coolest people in New Zealand. His name is Peter Stephen, and he is a luthier. He builds some of the most amazing instruments. Electrics, acoustic, uprights. You name it. I only wish I could have stayed to play them all.


I had come across his shop this past Sunday in Lyttleton, which is a small town just outside of Christchurch on New Zealand's South Island. Upon a quick online investigation, I had his name and email. I contacted him, and he invited me to stop by, so I decided to do just that.

I got to his shop, and he was working on fixing up a couple hundred year old upright bass, but gladly put this aside, and began showing me the shop. I was quite intimidated, as he seemed to have a wealth of knowledge I can only wish to one day possess. He showed me all his templates and patterns, and some of his finished works. Peter was glad to answer any questions I had, and pretty much walked me through the entire process. I must say that he is quite the guy. His philosophies and opinions were very helpful, and gave me alot of insight into the trade. Just over 2 hours went by so quickly, I was sad to go, but he had alot of work to do, so I decided that I should be on my way.

I hope that I may be fortunate enough to meet him again one day. Maybe even commision an upright from him. But regardless, I suggest you check out his site. It was by far one of the highlights of my trip to New Zealand, and it isn't even over.

Chris :D

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