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Strange Sound When Loosening Strings With Tremolo.

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Anybody heard a "click" in the neck or the neck joint (I suppose) when loosening the strings with the tremolo (ibanez-edge)?

the neck has no cracks, and it's tightly attached to the body.

the guitar has no tuning problems, it's very stable.

I still have no explication for this.

I thought it could be that the truss rod could be damaged. but now I don't think so.

help me please!

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I was working on a friends jackson, the neck joint had a thick glossy poly in the neck joint, it was creaking as I tuned up and used the tremolo. It appeared that no matter how tight the neck joint was, it could still move just enough to make this creaking noise, I assume against the poly.

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I really don't know exactly where the creak comes from, but I'm almost sure it comes from the neck joint.

I thought it could be the springs, the neck joint, the nut and the truss rod (please correct me if I'm wrong, I don't know if this is possible... don't know a thing about how the truss rod works!).

Yesterday I tightened the four bolts that hold the neck to the body and it seems to be that the creak is gone, but not completely...

Could you tell me if the neck can be damaged on the inside? I'm afrrrrrraaaid

Thank you for helping this newbie LOL

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Creaking is in no way a sign of damage. Pretty normal, really. My necks creak a little pretty much every time I force them into a bow to adjust the truss rod. Wood's elastic stuff, it can take quite a bit.

As for neck bolts, tighten them until they're nice and tight, not until you can't tighten them any further. That can lead to stripping out your screw holes, which is completely repairable, but also completely avoidable.

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