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I learned my lesson. Bought the small benchtop Ryobi, and there's no way I'm going to try a two inch thick piece of purpleheart on that.

Just made a trip to Springfield, MO. Picked up one of these... 14" Bandsaw - 1 1/2 HP!

Also pickup a reference table... makes sanding things perfectly flat alot easier... but damn, the piece of granite weighs 120 pounds!

Getting the shop where I want it.. then time to get down to some serious work.

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Nice bandsaw.. I was eyeing that one as well but I ran into a problem. Just imagine the shipping to Guam.. LOL

I have about a year left on guam at the moment (military) and then I go to shore duty back in the states. I'm going to wait until I get back to buy a fullsize bandsaw. Will probably buy another small benchtop one for now and baby it for the next year.

I cannot wait until I get back to the states. Can actually get certain items shipped to me then. Such as the waterbase color pigments. Really ticks me off that I have to buy the waterbased stuff because they can't ship the nitro to guam..... But then the color pigments can't be shipped so I'm stuck with clear. Also want to get the small bottle of stain for ebony fretboards but they can't ship that either. One year to go!!! hehe

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