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Rebuild of a Transparent Blue Bass

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Hi, I'm considering rebuilding an acrylic blue bass that I own. I bought it off of eBay a while back and it was real cheapie but real pretty. As far as I know, it's a one of a kind (unless any of you guys have heard of "Grand" basses). I have stripped all the hardware from it and the only thing that I plan on keeping is the body itself. My problem is getting a new neck. I really doubt my ability to build one. I haven't found any necks that look like they would work. I really like the style of the current neck, it is just made out of poor quality materials and so it needs to be replaced. Take a look. Does anyone have any idea how I should go about getting a new neck on this body? Thanks a ton!

-Grady <><

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You could allways get a luthier to build one for you. If you've still got the old neck, it's pretty easy. There are a few guys on here that might do it for you (at the right price of course), or you could probably find someone in your area.

Why don't you think you'd be able to build it yourself though?

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Does luthier have a website that I could go to? All I could find on "luthier.com" is acoustic stuff. I think I could probably build the neck, but I really am scared that I'd screw it up. Espescially the fretting and truss bar. I'm also concerned about finances but I'm sure that building it is probably the best thing to do in that case.

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