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Custom Warmoth "jackson-explorer"

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Ok,I am fairly new to this forum,and it has a lot of great info! I am getting ready to order a custom axe from Warmoth.A Jackson type headstock neck,"Pro" 13-degree type,w/mahogany neck,ebony board,binding & sharkfins,6100 frets.An Explorer type body,also mahogany.It is going to be my dream axe for sure! I have a problem though:I wanna put an old Kahler 2220 Classic tremolo on it.This is the stud-mount kind,not the flat mount,so it goes on the Gibson studs,for a tuneomatic bridge.

Warmoth can't do any special routing.The front studs on the Kahler are of the "Nashville" bridge size...meaning,smaller diameter hole,which is different than the Gotoh holes they drill.The Kahler fits on the old original Gibson studs.They can only do a spring cavity route for the flat-mount style Kahlers,so it may not line up with mine.I believe the tailpiece holes for the Gotoh bridge they provide might not match up with the studs for my bridge.

So my question is:should I order the body with absolutely no bridge routing,and take it to a luthier to have it installed,or have them drill the 4 tunematic holes,fill the front 2,re-drill smaller holes,and route the cavity myself? I don't have too much experience with bridge routing,and have NO IDEA where to get a plan for the Gibson-type stud holes.I looked everywhere,but the only dimensions I can find are for the Gotoh bridge.I am worried the back tailpiece holes might be too big,or small,for the Kahler bushings,since these would be for different bushing than a Gibson....maybe.What would you do?

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Is there any particular reason why you have to have that trem on it? I'm no expert on trems, and certainly not on the one you are talking about, but a trem that is mounted on TOM style studs wouldn't seem very stable in my mind.

If you have a local luthier in your area, taking it to him would definately be a sure-fire way of getting the job done (assuming it is an experienced luthier). Of course, this site is dedicated to DIY'ers... :D

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