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Advice Needed For Wiring.


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Im puting the finishing touches to my first custom guitar at the moment. Its a double humbucker thinline telecaster, with standart tele controls. A Dimazario Virtual PAF in the neck and a Seymore Duncan Lil '59 in the bridge.


I want to be able to split both these PUPs on Push pull pots. Im going for 500 k ones but do I want Audio or Lin pots? Or one of each?

Also are there any other variations I could have to give me the maximum combination of variations?

Ive thought about putting a 4 way switch in, and having a setting for the PUP's in seies, anyone have experience of this. Also Does anyone know where I can find a diagram for this?

Basicaly I think I know what I want to do and how I want to do it. Im looking for testimonals from people who have similar, or not so similar setups....



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hi gergtreble

Welcome to PG...i love the way every new guy feels the need to mention the search function...don't worry, I'm not going to jump down your throat...I've noticed a marked improvement in people trying...some who have been here a while could take note...but I think we are all happy campers now...

Anyway...Fair Question...Audio taper is what you require at least for the volume, anyone want to comment on the tone?

Now for wiring options...gives me a chance to plug this great site...DGB Studio guitar wiring and more....this is a fabulous resource in Japanese and English for everything from wiring diagrams to pickup stats and string tensions and scale lengths. For instance for a 2 humbucker guitar they list 145 wiring variations!!!

I'm sure there will be people here who can help with a wiring diagram or point you in the right direction, but this site is a real eye opener to the kind of options you can achieve and exactly how to achieve it...highly recomended...pete

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