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Unsual Neck Template Request

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i want to try my hand at a set neck project. i prefer to make a laminated deep set neck (long tenon) similar to the ones that doug makes (doug's site). anyway, i would like to know if anyone has a template of the cross-section that i can purchase or maybe doug could sell me a template :D

yes, i know... why don't i just make it myself. ok, good point, however, just like many of us have purchased guitar body templates, i would like to do the same with a cross section of a set neck to make each laminate. so, anyone who has a template and wants to make a few $$$ for their effort, let me know. hmm... i hope someone can save me some time making the template.

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well, you could make the template easier than you think, but you have to establish a few things first, scale length and number of frets, whether the headstock will be angled or not, body style (where the fretboard comes to on the body), and your thickness' at the nut and at twelfth fret.

another thing to consider is laminating first and then cutting, less cutting to be done, and when you have a glued up blank its may be easier to true up the fretboard mounting face.

simply get all ur measurments together, get a large peice of paper, and start buy drawing ur fretboard face, thenfigure where you're putting the nut, mark it, measure to the 12th mark it, measure you're thickness at both nut and 12 and mark those, work out you're headstock angle and where the heel is going, and then connect the dots. cut it out glue on to some mdf, cut out around those lines finish it up with some sand paper, and ur done.

hope that helps



*Edit* use a dust mask when doing anything with mdf, its carcinogenic

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yes, i am afraid i will be making my own template. i've made other templates in the past but i had something to model the template after. in this case i don't have a model of what i want. i have taken some measurements off of my prs, however, i couldn't take any real measurements after the tenon goes into the body (plus it is a short tenon). anyway, i guess i will need at least a 2-1/2" deep blank (and about 30+ inches long) to accommodate the neck angle and the tenon. it looks as though the part of the tenon that enters my prs body is about 1-7/16" deep. i will whip out my graphic supplies and begin the drawings with my best guesstimates. however, if anyone has any 'cross-section' templates to sell, the offer still stands.

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