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Marred Finish

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I finished clear coating my guitar body on sat 1/21 now on tues 1/24 i set the body on a guitar stand for about an hour and when I took it off there were marks left from the stand. I can sand out these marks before polishing if it hardens.

Should the clearcoat still be this soft after this amount of time?

how long does laquer take to fully cure?

where is the best place to leave a body to let it cure?

here is what i used Rustoleum Clear Lacquer

thanks in advance

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curing of any finish depends on many factors..the thickness of the finish, humidity, temperature and air flow. three days generally isn't near enough time for lacquer to totally harden as you've found out. folks here will let their guitars cure for weeks before buffing out.

it's hard to be patient but let your body cure for a couple of weeks before trying to sand out the marks..if not you're likely to make it worse while trying to sand them out. and by the way, hanging the body in a closet or pantry is as good a place as any to let it cure.

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