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Notching Calipers?


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No, you were right on the first count. I am taking a refret class, so some people had the notch and others did not. I measured the height in class, a tall 56, but vintage width.

Where did you notch for measuring height on an installed fret? And how do you do it with the calipers (i.e. how do you hold them).

Drilling holes. What is the function of this, what size holes and what type bit?

Did I mention I love this sight.

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If you look at the calipers that StewMac sells, you can see on the very end of the narrow end of the caliper, there's a round notch cut-out.

I think I just used a couple of spring clamps to hold the calipers against a plate of aluminum that I had in the freezer, so it would be very cold. then the aluminum was clamped to the table top. I didn't do all the grinding in one shot. I did a little, then the aluminum plate went back into the freezer for a while, then same thing over, a few times.

My holes idea is probably too hard to explain. I just think there must be a better way of modding the tip of the jaws to measure the fret-tang between the beads, so I had the idea of making it so something could be added to the jaws (the holes would be for mounting screws)

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