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Help Me Add A Cab!

Curtis P

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I think there might be a jack on your amp that you could plug an external cab into. If not look in the back of the amp to see where the speaker connects, if it is a 1/4 plug you plug a cab into that. Be careful to match the ohms or you could have major problems. If I remember correctly when you connect a cab to that amp, the internal speaker shuts off, so you need atleast a 2X12 for it to make any noticeable difference.

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Just got this from the peavey website

"TransTube® does make a difference. Plenty of punch from 80 watts (rms) runs through a bold 12 inch Sheffield® 1230 speaker while an external speaker jack lets you connect to a bigger cab if necessary."

And apparently you can run it at either 4 or 8 ohms. This is real important by the way: USE SPEAKER CABLE NOT A GUITAR CABLE! Sorry for yelling but I had to get the point across, its cheap so if your buying a cab from a store just tack on another $20 for the right cable.

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