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Oh No, Another Black-sand-back Question


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I was at David Dykes at the weekend looking for a body blank and as i had no real preference (what'ya got Dave rather than i want i want i want) he pulled a peice of Sycamore out (European Maple) which has some slight growth discolouration but also some very strong flame and i want to dye/stain this to really pull the flame out rather than use tinted clear on it. Now i've read up on the 'black-sand-back' but all these seem to be tops rather than the complete body so i ask if anyone has done it to a whole body? Now, i realise that the end grain will soak up more pigment than the front/back so i thought if i 'B-S-B' on it and then dyed it it may look ok as the bleed on the endgrain won't be so pronounced as oppossed to just dying it without the black - thoughts and experiences anyone ?

Jem :D

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Why not do a "dye-burst", front and back so that the entire edge around the body is left really dark (more of your dark brown/black base colour)? That way it won't matter that the end grain pulls up more dye since you want it dark anyway. I think it would look awesome.

Granted, I've never done a whole body this way, just tops, so there may be some reason that it won't work that I've been overlooking.


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