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Edges On Body Not Straight

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When I but my blank, unfortunately the bandsaw cut at a bit of an angle. Since I am building a Jem guitar, I would like to have the edges as level as possible. I've already used a random orbit sander and done lots of hand-sanding, but it still seems uneven.

Should I try using a spokeshave to level them out?


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if you have access to a spindle sander you could straighten it out with that. the spindle stands at ninety degrees to the table and will give you a straight side. they're also great for sanding the inside curves of the horns.

if not take Arseneau's advice but add a template. get yourself a top-bearing straight bit long enough to cut the entire thickness of your body. attach a template to the top of your guitar and run the router around the template and there's your straight edges.

good luck!

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I've done it the hard way. When you cut out a body with a jigsaw you can't help having a few angled areas here and there. After that it was just some heavy sanding with coarse grit on a rigid block and constantly checking with a carpenter's square. When ever doing freehand cuts with ANY tool or machine be sure to stay outside the line. Or else your guitar will be just a little bit smaller than you thought it would be. :D

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