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Buying Pickups In The Eu


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Does anyone know of any websites that sell Dimarzio and Duncan pickups cheap (or atleast cheaper than the UK prices) I'm tempted to save up and order a load of pickups in one go.

I am considering order them in the US, get them delivered to a friend and have him post them all to me (and I'm talking alot of pickups), so obviously I would prefer to buy them in the EU to avoid all the hassle.

On a side note, here's the pickups I intend to buy, any comments on my combinations (please tell me if you have experience of these pickups or think the ones I've matched won't go together):

Charvel (HSS) (22 fret shred/rock, my favourite)

Dimarzio Paf Pro (bH), Fast Track (mS), ToneZone (nS)

Ibanez (HH) (22 fret DTX120 mostly used for fast/heavy metal)

SD Invader (bH), Dimarzio Evolution (nH)

Custom1 (HH) (24 fret jackson neck alder body, made for shredding)

Dimarzio Evolution (bH), SD Full Shred (nH)

Custom2 (HH) (22 fret cheaply built, want to use it for 60s-70s rock)

SD SH-12 Screamin Demon (bH), SD PAF '59 (nH)

Tele (These are for a friend, cheap tele, told him I'd get him new pickups)

Dimarzio Chopper (b ), SD Hot Rhythm (n)

Plus I might be getting the invader/evolution combo for my brother's warlock too.


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