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Blend Pot In Active Circuit


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OK...I have a friend with a 2-pickup Schecter bass, he has an 18V active system with a volume pot for each pickup, and master 3-band EQ. He wants to replace the two volumes with a blend and a master volume. I'm not (yet) sure what resistance his volume pots are, we're trying to figure that out.

Can I just use a 250k or 500k blender for this straightaway, or do I need a 25k blender? I'm pretty sure it is a Stiletto Studio 5 which has EMG HZs in it; these are passive pickups, but he does have an active preamp.

It also occurs to me that I don't know if the volume pots are upstream of the preamp (i.e. passive signal going into the preamp) or downstream of the preamp (active signal coming from the preamp)....I suppose this would make a difference in the pot resistance to use, right?

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If it's got a preamp i'd open her up and have a look. Most active circuits in bass guitars have the pots soldered to the circuit board. It may not be that easy to mod this kind of circuit. If they aren't soldered on, you could use a 250K/500K blend pot before the preamp and have a 25K master volume.


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