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I just rewired my volume pot on my strat (the old one was faulty, and skipped in and out) with a new pot. I'm no expert, but I can do basic solders. As I unsoldered the old pot I made a diagram of how I thought the soldering went, and resoldered the new pot in. Not only is there a loud humming, but the volume doesn't even seem to work. No matter how I twist the thing, it still outputs.


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telling us what you have there now will help...

in basic lines, to put an all-pickups volume potentionmeter you need to solder a wire from the middle terminal to the 5 way selector output (shouldbe the middle two terminals, 4 and 5)

then one of the side terminals goes to the output, and the other side terminal goes to the ground.

if you can't follow does description, please add a great-quility picture for us to see whats going on, or describe us what you have there right now.

hope it will solve your problem, Ron

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