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Tailpiece Hinges.

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any suggestion on after market hinges for use in making an ebony tail piece. That just seem to be a better way to attach rather than the cable around the endpiece.

anyone out there making there own??? or are some specifically made for this purpose?? does not seem to be much out there :D

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Myka did it here.

I had seen that before when I searched to see if this subject had come up before. Myka's tutioral by far the most helpful on this issue and great to read in general. I not sure about my ablility to do that kind of drilling into a small piece of brass. actually I'm not even sure where to get a small piece of brass :D I figured that I would ultimately end up trying to make my own, but I thought that before I started that process I'd see if there was a hinge out there somewhere specifically made for guitar tails.

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